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Lycabettus Press Publications
Price Quantity
Athens - Auschwitz, by Errikos Sevillias €18.00
Bonnie's Best Bites, by Bonnie Tangelos €6.00
Christians in the Arab East, by Robert B. Betts €22.00
Cookbook of the Jews of Greece, by Nicholas Stavroulakis €30.00
Delphi, by Alan Walker €8.00
Doorway to Greece, by Mary Winterer-Papatassos €8.00
Falconera, by Alexis Ladas €18.00
In Sfakiá, by Peter Trudgill €16.00
Jewish Sites in Thessaloniki, Brief History and Guide, by R. Molho and V. Hastaoglou-Martinidi €16.00
Jüdische Orte in Thessaloniki, Ein historischer Rundgang, von R. Molho und V. Hastaoglou-Martinidi €16.00
Kos, by Chris and Christa Mee €7.50
Nauplion, by Timothy E. Gregory €7.50
Naxos, by John Freely €7.50
Paros, Roads, Trails, and Beaches, by Jeffrey Carson and James Clark €7.50
Patmos, by Tom Stone €8.00
Poros, by Niki Stavrolakes €7.00
St. John of Patmos and the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse, by Otto F. A. Meinardus €9.00
St. Paul in Greece, by Otto F. A. Meinardus €10.00
The Jews of Ioannina, by Rae Dalven €28.00
The Unwritten Places, by Tim Salmon €18.00
This Way to Paradise, Dancing on the Tables, by Willard Manus €22.00
Tom Stone's Greek Food and Drink Book, by Tom Stone €7.00
Keramos Guides
Daphni €5.00
Lefkadia, by J. Touratzoglou €5.00
Vergina, by M. Andronicus €5.00

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